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REACH Only Representative Services

An Only Representative will take care of your compliance and obligations under REACH. This includes not only the SIEF and registration, but also the authorization, classification/labeling, notification, and restrictions (where applicable) which may be necessary for your substances, as well all administrative procedures.


  1. Does not demand exclusivity and you are free to sell to anyone in Europe
  2. Retains confidentiality
  3. Fulfills the requirements within the SIEF
  4. Acts as the contact point for the ECHA and on the SIEF
  5. Negotiates for substances and documents in your behalf
  6. Observes your day to day compliance
  7. Completes the registration process in your behalf
  8. Communicates with Downstream Users
  9. Acts as REACH administrative office

When an Only Representative is appointed, the non-EU manufacturer has the obligation to inform the Importer(s) within the same supply chain (the - direct and indirect - customers of the non-EU Manufacturers) of the appointment.

Only Representative:

  • takes up the role of the EU Importers (in reference with REACH)
  • keeps available and up-to-date information on quantities imported and customers sold to (including their uses), as well as all information required to meet the obligation to communicate information down the supply chain.

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