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RoHS Compliance

RoHS / WEEE Compliance Services

GiDoS will assist you in all aspects of WEEE and RoHS compliance, providing them full-service or tailored support.

GiDoS WEEE/RoHS Services:

  1. Assisting and advising with the full compliance of the manufacturer at all times.
  2. Identification of product and obligations under WEEE & RoHS.
    • Product Assessment
    • Evaluation of levels of substances (RoHS)
    • Evaluation of the dependence of the product upon the substance (RoHS)
  3. Thorough definition of the individual EU Member State requirements the manufacturer is obligated to comply with.
  4. Advising and assisting in the compliance with each EU Member state the product is/will be placed into.
  5. Registration process and requirements, if applicable
  6. Advice and information on scheme companies within the territory
  7. Assisting in registering and contracting with a scheme company
  8. Advice and information on available take-back centers, if necessary
  9. Assisting in the determination of the manufacturer's compliance systems and data quality systems. (RoHS)
  10. Assisting with the Self Declaration and accompanying documentation. (RoHS)
  11. Administrative requirements
    • Support on documentation applicable to reporting requirements
    • Assisting in the obtaining of essential documents (i.e. certificate of testing and Bill of Materials)
    • Holding of documentation applicable to self declaration requirements

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